At the Mutual UFO Network, the emphasis is on scientific investigation and analysis of UFO events. But MUFON also promotes public education about what is currently known about UFOs.

In concert with MUFON, we at Oregon MUFON also seek to

  • Do responsible investigation of UFOs and related phenomena as time, money, and expertise permit.
  • Provide factual information and informed opinion about UFOs and allied subjects. This includes information about the culture surrounding UFOs, which, it turns out, is very important for a full understanding of the UFO itself.

Responsible Investigation

Today it's a fact that all establishment groups in our society have chosen to dismiss the UFO, and have, therefore, abandoned it. The U.S. Air Force commissioned a scientific study of the UFO in the late 1960s, commonly called the Condon Committee study, which concluded that UFOs have no scientific merit and should, therefore, warrant no further time, money, or expertise. UFO researchers of the day cried foul (Saunders and Harkins. UFOs? Yes! Where the Condon Committee Went Wrong) and provided plenty of criticism of this flawed study. But this fell on deaf (establishment) ears. The summary and conclusions of the Condon Committee study provided the reason the air force was looking for to get out of the business of UFO investigation, and this action set the permissible parameters for esblishment academic UFO studies to the present day.

However, in our society as in most, almost all the money and expertise exists in various establishment groups such as academia, the federal government, the military, religious institutions, etc. Thus, when a subject is abandoned by these establishment groups, citizen volunteers must do the best they can without adequate time, money, or expertise to fill the information void left by this irresponsible attitude and behavior.

Despite these difficulties, during the past 60 or so years, citizen investigators have done the responsible thing and amassed much factual information about the UFO. We at Oregon MUFON are doing our small part to add to this body of factual information about UFOs and related subjects.

Factual Information

It turns out that since UFOs are a controversial subject, and, therefore, an emotional one, it is not all that easy to get good, factual information. When things are controversial, people start pushing agendas and the facts of a situation can get lost in the confusion. As you deepen your knowledge of UFOs, you will have to work your way through what the various "sides" of the UFO question have to say. Here at Oregon MUFON, we will help guide you.

And, to make matters worse, it turns out that the UFO has national security implications, and when national security is involved, government forces — meant (ideally) to protect the interests of the people — swing into action. This is what has happened with the UFO. The intelligence agencies of the U.S. have had a long involvement with the UFO from its beginning in the late 1940s. So, their general methods of controlling information flow and information diffusion throughout the society are, unfortunately, another factor that the UFO-interested person must deal with. We at Oregon MUFON have long realized that this is part of the problem with UFO information.

We'll do our best to help you through the informational jungle that is the UFO.