We like this definition of an opinion: it is something stronger than an impression and less strong than positive knowledge. We've put up a page labeled "Opinion" because there is plenty of room in ufology for opinions.

The phenomenon is a strange amalgam of facts and mystery. Many facts about UFO events fit nicely into our existing scientific and scholarly knowledge about the world, but, stubbornly, many do not. What do you do with a report from a credible source about a "light beam" emanating from a strange aerial craft where the light beam hits the ground and snakes along? When you dig into the copious literature about UFO sightings, you come across many UFO events that feature these very hard to explain, apparently physically real, phenomena.

Informed Opinions Only

After more than 60 years of UFOs, the only opinion worth its salt in ufology is an informed opinion. On this page, Oregon MUFON provides you with a source of informed opinions about ufology.

Have you got an informed opinion about UFOs? We'd like to hear from you. Perhaps we'll put your essay up on our site.

In the meantime, peruse our offerings so far. We hope to add much more as the weeks, months, and years go by.