Set aside this May 17 (Friday in the evening) and 18 (all day Saturday), 2013, and join us in McMinnville, Oregon, at the 14th Annual UFO Festival.

As we've done in years past, we'll be at this year's festival with a table of information. Stop by and tell us your UFO story or view our UFO case files, presentations, photos, videos, etc. Got questions? We've got the answers—at least what is publicly available and not misinformation or disinformation! You can count on MUFON to give you the straight story—just the facts and informed speculation at our table.

While you're visiting, sign up for membership and get the MUFON Journal sent to your mail box or email account. And don't forget to ask about becoming an Oregon MUFON field investigator. We need you!  

Come enjoy the speakers and the other festivities. This year the speakers are great as usual.

  • Nike Pope, who worked for Britain's MoD on the UFO Desk and has written a number of UFO books, will provide informed perspective on the UFO scene. He's articulate and knowledgeable. No woo woo stuff with him!
  • George Knapp has unparalleled background as an award winning TV journalist covering UFOs in a serious way. He'll bring us up to date on his latest research. Ask him about his detour into strictly paranormal research at the "Skinwalker Ranch."
  • Jim Sparks is a UFO abductee with extensive memories of his experiences. He's documented his experiences in his autobiographical book: The Keepers.
  • Linda Howe, who has spoken more than once at the McMinnville UFO festival, will speak this year on archeology and ETs. Specifically, she'll present some of the amazing Gobekli Tepe archeological site's details and speculate on how this possibly oldest known archeological site may be related to the ET phenomenon. She's always a winner. You won't be disappointed!

Be sure to drop by and see us at our table. We hope to see you!