Local bigfoot researcher Thom Powell will speak in Portland on September 27, 2015, at the Mission Theater in Northwest Portland as part of McMenamins new Paranormal Pub series.

Thom will talk about his 25 years of Pacific Northwest bigfoot research and how he gradually became aware that the bigfoot phenomenon is not simply a "standard," biological creature as many bigfoot researchers still think and as the few scientists who study the phenomenon undoubtedly think. There is something truly mysterious about bigfoot. Thom will take you on the journey he made during his research as he gradually shifted his thinking about the real nature of bigfoot. Be sure to attend this exciting talk. You may be surprised about where the research leads. Be sure to pick up a copy of his new book on bigfoot, Edges of Science, at the talk.

Oregon MUFON is a co-sponsor with McMenamins of the Paranormal Pub series. MUFON is the Mutual UFO Network and we investigate and research UFOs "for the benefit of humanity" as our mission statement says. Oregon MUFON has local meetings which you can attend any time to learn all about UFOs and related phenomena, one of which is the bigfoot phenomenon. See our Meetings page. Believe it or not, reliably reported bigfoot sightings have very occasionally also involved classic UFO phenomena, too. Thom will be talking some about that.