Oregon MUFON is pleased to announce that cattle mutilation investigator Chris O'Brien will speak at the February 21, 2016, Paranormal Pub meeting at McMenamins Mission Theater in Portland, Ore. Chris began his investigations in Colorado's south central San Luis Valley in 1992. There are so many paranormal occurrences in the San Luis Valley that it has become known as a paranormal activity "hotspot." To date, Chris has written at least three books detailing his research into cattle mutilations and allied phenomena both in Colorado and other states. Pick up one of Chris's books and have him sign it while you are at the presentation.

As many longtime researchers into cattle mutilations or UFOs or bigfoot or Loch Ness type monsters and even ghost phenomena have eventually discovered, there are many odd connections among these seemingly disparate phenomena. For example, there are reliably reported incidents of UFOs being directly associated with bigfoot creatures. What's that all about? Come hear Chris discuss the many cases of strange connections he has investigated over his investigative career.

Oregon MUFON will be in the back at our table as usual. Stop by and chat with us before Chris O'Brien's presentation.