This is another UFO account sent via email to your Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director, Keith Rowell, in September 2012 by West Linn resident David (pseudonym). David and I would like to know if you also saw this UFO. Please contact me at  if you did.

UFO Type: Bright, orange, conical structured object with odd behavior.

Sighting Duration: About 30 seconds.

Date: August 16, 2012.

Time: About 9:15 PM.

Place: West Linn, Oregon.

Witness: David (pseudonym).

Here is David's account of his experience:

On Thursday, August 16, 2012, at about 9:15 pm, I was watering my lawn in West Linn, OR.  It was a warm and clear evening.

Above the neighbor’s house across the street, I saw a light coming from the south or SE towards me.  I noticed it because it was flying low and its color was different from the usual white airplane lights with flashing strobes.

As it got closer, I noticed it was a very bright orange fire colored light, moving about 35-40 mph about 300 feet, or so, above the ground.  Due to its height, I thought it was a helicopter, but there was no sound or strobe lights.  The whole object glowed a fiery orange and was extremely bright at the bottom, which I couldn’t see.

The shape reminded me of a ½ tumbler cup, cyclinder in shape, tapering off towards the bottom.  I saw some cross beams, but due to the brightness, I couldn’t make them out too well.  It looked like it was on fire and emitting heat.

The distance from where I was standing to the area where the object was directly above was about 275-300 feet.  I thought I saw some tracers as it headed NE or east and disappeared quickly from view, as if it zipped away at a very high rate of speed.  I could not determine where it went.

The episode lasted about 25-30 seconds.

I did not recognize the object but know it was neither an airplane nor a helicopter.  I looked around and saw no other witnesses.  It seems like someone else should have seen this object as it crossed a residential area.

In David's next email, he sent me a hand-drawn illustration and an explanation.

Attached is a drawing that I made shortly after the event. I estimated the height and distance based upon my hunting experience.  I'm used to estimating the distance of my shots, which are generally between 100-175 yards. However, I could be off. I also walk our dog about 2-3 nights per week and I've been visually measuring many objects (for example, house windows at 100-150 yards) which helped solidify my distance and sizing of the object. When I saw the object, I thought it was about the size of a helicopter cab, but again, a guess.

David's Hand-Drawn Illustration of the UFO