Oregon's UFO history is long and rich. Oregon was a hot bed of UFO activity from the beginning of the modern UFO era, starting with Kenneth Arnold's June 24, 1947, sighting near Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier in Washington. The UFO wave of the summer of 1947 started in the Pacific Northwest and continued east for a few months and then died down.

According to the best UFO database existing in the public arena, UFOCAT, Oregon has had over 1000 recorded sightings since 1947. (Some other good UFO databases are at National UFO Reporting Center and MUFON.)

As the months go by, we'll put up some more information about Oregon's UFO history. For now, check out these news articles from The Oregonian and Oregon Journal from the summer of 1947. Be sure to read through every article and think about what the people were saying about the mysterious objects in the skies at the very beginning of the modern flying saucer era. If you've got any doubts about the reality of the mystery, a careful reading should clear this up for you. Folks, we've got a genuine mystery on our hands, and it is still with us. Why?!