We are pleased to announce that MUFON has just added a significant new capability for the public. You can now search the MUFON UFO database by state. We've gotten a number of requests from Oregon residents wanting to know about UFO sightings from Oregon's past, and we couldn't help them out much locally at Oregon MUFON except in a general way. Now the national level organization has added this search capability to its UFO Case Management System (CMS).

To Search for Oregon UFOs:

  1. Type "http://www.mufon.com/mufonreports.htm" into your browser URL text box. This brings up the MUFON Case Management System search page.
  2. In the "Event State (USA):" pop-up menu, select "Oregon."
  3. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom. This searches the MUFON UFO database and brings up a page with the 50 latest cases people have reported to CMS for UFOs in Oregon.

You can also choose other states, for example, or UFO color, shape, distance from the observer, and whether there was an "entity" observed. You can specify a date range for the date the report was submitted or for the date of the UFO event. And be sure to check out any submitted attachments such as drawings, photos, and videos.