This is an edited journal entry from April 1996 by your Oregon MUFON Assistant State Director, Keith Rowell.

UFO Type: Whitish, shiny, silvery, scintillating, angular object.

Duration: About a minute.

Date: 4/7/96

Time: 12:40 PM

Place: Southeast Portland, Oregon

Witness: Keith Rowell

Yesterday, I went to my last TMJ biofeedback session at a building about two blocks east of I-205 on S.E. Division St. I had done some relaxation as part of the biofeedback exercise. While doing this, I thought about wanting to see again some of the saucers I saw at Tony's house. I went outside and, just for the heck of it, I got out my binoculars and scanned the clear blue sky for no more than about two minutes. There were a few very high clouds and it was about 70 degrees. At 12:40 PM to about 12:41 PM, I saw a single white, silvery object of somewhat irregular shape. I would say a little angular, not really round. As it moved along, there were random scintillations.

The object was moving a little erratically, but this was a little hard to say from the shake of the binoculars. The angular size of the object in the binoculars' field of view was about 1/20 the diameter, which is about the size of a fairly high-flying commercial jet. I saw the object first directly overhead. It proceeded to the east till it disappeared behind the building across the road. There were about five power lines which this thing was seen behind before it disappeared. The overall quality of the flight of the object was that of a very bright (and shiny!) piece of paper taken on a very strong wind. This object was not a piece of paper. It did not resemble any other conventional objects.