Editor's Note: This is another sighting by Oregon MUFON's chief investigator, DR. 

UFO Type: Distinct, red lights in a triangle formation on bottom of apparent anomalous object.

Sighting Duration: About 90 seconds.

Date: 9/17/09

Time: About 9:20 PM.

Place: SE Portland, Oregon.

Witnesses: DR 

Here's DR's email write-up: 

I was listening to my iPod with headphones in upstairs at my desk. I had the window open when I heard and felt, even through the headphones, what I thought was a jet (F-15) flying by at a fairly low altitude at 9:20 pm. I threw off my headphones and ran down stairs and grabbed my hoodie and went out the front door. Standing in the driveway of my apartment building, facing west, I saw four big bright red lights in a row, horizontally. There was a small white light that was flashing on and off over to the side a bit. The craft was not traveling as fast as an F-15 would, but proceeded to fly at a moderate speed towards me. 

I watched it fly overhead (90 degrees) and saw between seven to nine red lights in a triangular formation underneath this craft. I was confused by what I was seeing because I have never seen a craft that had that kind of light configuration before. As it went over me, I could hear the roar of an engine but not what an F-15 would sound like. I watched it travel in the ESE direction before I lost it in the trees. The sighting lasted about a minute and a half. I stayed outside for another 5 minutes, but saw nothing else unusual. 

What DR Saw When First Sighted 


What DR Saw When Overhead